Bone Marrow Awareness

Ezra is three years old and loves the alphabet, music and his tricycle. Ezra is in need of a bone marrow transplant to survive Ezra has a rare primary immune deficiency disorder called Hyper IgM Syndrome. Ezra’s best chance of finding a genetically matched donor lies with those of Eastern European ancestry, particularly Polish and Hungarian. Everyone is encouraged to join as there are many patients worldwide in need.

Swab your cheek to see if you are a match for Ezra and other patients in need. For questions contact Tyler Berenson. If you cannot attend the drive you can still register by ordering a kit online at

Please consider making a $54 contribution to help cover the cost of testing by visiting

To Join: Eligible donors must be between the ages of 18-60 and in general good health, meet the guidelines and willing to donate to any patient, at any time, worldwide.