Breaking Down The Firewall: A Jewish Perspective to Future Technologies in Medicine

In the past century alone, medicine has advanced exponentially to the point where concepts in the realm of science fiction are now being openly researched and discussed. Questions are now emerging. Is the ability to delete a deadly gene from a genome, ensuring that the subsequent disease will be cease to exist, ethical? Will mankind eventually gain the ability to live for more than a century in pristine health? Does the idea of technology becoming so advanced that artificial intelligence could be merged with the brain sound frightening?
  This year’s 11th annual Medical Ethics Society Conference will address these futuristic, almost unbelievable possibilities. Experts with unique insights will discuss medical advancements that combat the effects of aging, the revolutionary CRISPR gene editing technique, and new discoveries in neuro-artificial intelligence. We will also hear from Rabbinic authorities on what halacha and Jewish philosophy hold regarding these scientific ventures.
Want to learn about what the future of medicine and perhaps even get a glimpse into the future of humanity? Then please join us on Sunday December 10th at 9:00 a.m. for this year’s conference: Breaking Down the Firewall– a Jewish perspective to future technologies in medicine.
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The conference is sponsored by the Community Synagogue of Monsey in honor of Rav Moshe D. Tendler, and will be opened by an introduction from our University President, Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman. We look forward to seeing you then.

Conference Speakers Include:

Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman, MD
Rabbi Dr. J. David Bleich
Dr. Edward Burns
Dr. Ana Maria Cuervo
Rabbi Ozer Glickman
Dr. Matthew Liao
Dr. Neville Sanjana