On March 16-17, 2018 the Medical Ethics Society was privileged to host Dr. Moshe Cohn of NYU Langone at the Beren Campus. Dr. Moshe Cohn led an intense and intimate discussion among the student entitled, “A Matter of Life or Death: A Jewish Approach to Discussing and Addressing Death in Medicine” following Friday night dinner. The discussion was a complicated case study involving the child of a Jewish family with a terminal neurological disorder. Dr. Cohn who works as both pediatric critical care and palliative care specialist prepared a three-part scenario continually asking the students what would they do as medical practitioners and Torah observant Jews in dealing with this emotional case. Dr. Cohn finished the 2 hour-long discussions by reminding the students that what one says, especially in emotionally complicated situation pertaining to life and death, matters. Students departed for the evening with some insight into a palliative care physician profession and a reminder of the potency of the spoken word.